Bloom Classic - A Japanese history

Bloom Classic was created around 35 years ago, by our current CEO Mr.TABE Hayami. In the 80s, women were not free to work as they wished. 

With the desire to contribute to the emancipation of Women in Japan, Mr. TABÉ and his team of women professionals developped Bloom Classic. 

In 1984, the group opened its first beauty salon in Matsuyama (Japan), so that the women of the region could escape to a place dedicated to them, a temple of beauty. 5 of the 7 beauticians who participated in its creation are still a part of Bloom Classic today. 

One of them, Mrs. OGATA, is now the head of several subsidiaries in Japan, she is also the director of Bloom Classic France. Mr.TABE wishes to perpetuate the values at the origin of the Group's creation. Loyalty and dedication to society. BLOOM CLASSIC has won the support of a large number of women and has been a partner with "Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa" for more than 20 years.

Today, Bloom Classic counts more than 50 establishments, 100 franchises with more than 1000 referenced products in Asia. Our products are in the catalog of more than 500 stores, and we are proud to employ more than 1000 experienced skincare professionals.


Sharing our rituals to aim for the total rejuvenation of the body and mind. 

We provide wellness professionals with our innovative techniques inspired by centuries of traditional Japanese practices. 

Our experts in Japan are constantly conducting various Research and Development projects to push the innovation of the Japanese tradition.

The goal is to develop techniques destined to offer the very best of well-being.


Our products and technics are the result of numerous researches and just as many tests of quality. We adapt our products to the standards of the different markets in which we operate. Our conservation standards are the highest possible.


All Bloom Classic products are certified "ECOFIT": a Japanese organism recognized throughout the profession, which certifies organic products.

From Institute to Spa

The success of our first institute was so huge, that overtime, the spa developed into a luxurious 8-storey complex. Today it offers high-end services which are very popular thanks to the experience of our beauticians and masseuses. The Spa has a beautiful rooftop aswell, with a superb view of Matsuyama, for the great pleasure of its customers and employees. 

In parallel, the Group has opened other institutes and spas across Japan and has introduced innovative and original techniques and protocols, such as the HinokiBō. These cares are all inspired by ancient & authentic Japanese know-how.


We rigorously monitor our impact on biodiversity.

In 2009, we opened our Bloom Classic manufacturing facility, which is at the forefront of ecological footprint, respect for the environment and nature. All our cosmetics are conceived and produced there today.

It is surrounded by abundant nature, between vegetation, sea and rivers. Located in the city of Ozu, nicknamed "little Kyôto of the Iyo region".

This valuable environment allows us to continue to create safe, natural and trusted products.

Our laboratories perform advanced testings of every component of our products, and our R & D engineers provide reliable quality products to our customers worldwide.